Monochrome Home

   We here at CURIIOS, dig all things monochrome, including our homes. Shocker, we know. We took some time to explore our insanely packed Pinterest  for some of our all-time favorite designs. For more check out our Pinterest board here .

1. Mix it up: A really easy and affordable way to enhance decor in your home is adding lots, I mean, LOTS of photos. You can collage a wall, stagger on a floating shelf (as in photo) or spread them throughout the house. Either way, photos are the best way to add your personality into the mix. I personally like to stagger them in different sizes with posters, photos and art. Cheap frames here

2. Green, always need green: Some well-placed greenery can not only brighten a space but also purify the air. It’s especially an amazing way to add some color to an all monochrome home without having to think! If you’re like me, and have a tendency to accidentally kill all your plants, no fear! Here are 5 that are sure to last, easy to maintain and absolutely beautiful decor! 1. The Snake Plant 2. Philodendron 3. Spider Plant 4. Peace Lily 5. Any Succulent!!

3. Music Lover’s Bedroom: Sometimes overly minimalist, monochrome homes can come off cold and not very homey. An affordable way to offset that is to put candles around the rooms. The light always brightens the mood with also bringing an element of calm and zen. Another very affordable way to cozy up the place, is books. They make you look smart too, duh.

4. Drooling: Okay, you can clearly see why we’re drooling here. And yes, this may not be as practical for 90% of us living in the hoods with Home Owner’s Associations. (Damn them for stomping on all our creativity!) Either way, if you’re lucky enough to be able to go all out on the exterior of your home, do it right, and do it like this! Please note, mass amounts of jealousy will ensue, and well.. you’ll just have to deal with it.

5. Bohemian Hideaway: This is one of our favorites right now, especially since Moroccan style is so big right now. It’s the perfect mix of grey and white. Whoever designed this needs major kudos because frankly, it’s the dream room. There’s elements of travel, monochrome, zen, new & old all mixed into one.

6. Rug In the Kitchen: This minimalist monochrome kitchen is perfect for anyone with a love for black and white without the time to design something over the top. It’s beautiful and still makes a statement. The center of attention of course, is the black cowhide rug plopped right in the middle. It’s an unconventional take on the kitchen rug. A brilliant idea really. For cow hide madness click here . For a cheaper version click here .


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