Welcome to our ‘MEET ME’ series. This series will highlight all the badass people involved with our shop. We’ll introduce someone new every week, including photos and fun facts. Feel free to find these babes on social media, support and connect with them. This week we’re chatting with Mallory Prater, CURIIOS’ own Creative Intern.


Hello GIRL GANG! Meet Mallory. She is the definition of a #curiiosbabe. That’s why I brought her on, and hope that she stays with us forever and ever and ever! Creepy? Okay. Mal, all I’m trying to say here, is that we love you. And are so honored to have you as a part of the #babesquad (Insert all necessary heart emojis here.)

Look, not only does she have a kind soul and free spirit, but she is a total stunner. Annnnd, she’s super smart, creative as hell and a bitchin’ photographer.  What more could this woman be made of?! Read on to find out. Warning, CATS may be involved.


p: How is it being a CURIIOS Creative Intern?

m: I absolutely love being a CURIIOS creative intern. I followed CURIIOS on Instagram last year and use to obsess over all the posts and wish I could get involved somehow. Little did I know that I’d be this involved:) The things I do as a creative intern are things I do for fun on my own, like Instagramming and going on photo-shoots, so it’s amazing getting to do them on behalf of a company I love so much.

p: What do you love most about the company?

m: Two things first and foremost: monochrome and Parisa. Parisa is the ultimate #curiiosbabe and is so amazing to work with. Her style and passion are so inspiring, and she’s always got your back no matter how busy CURIIOS is keeping her. And who doesn’t love monochrome clothes? Black, white and grey have been my staple colors for years, and you can never go wrong with the classics.

p: How long have you been into photography? Who/what influenced you to pick up a camera?

m: I spent two weeks in Chicago one summer in high school studying digital photography and completely fell in love with it there. After that summer, I started accumulating film cameras from family members and realized after I shot my first roll that film photography was way more my thing than digital. The anticipation and surprise that comes with having to wait for your film to be processed makes the results so much better.

p: Are you from Phoenix?

m: Nope! Born and raised in Memphis, TN. I moved out here in August 2014 for school, and I love Phoenix more and more every day.

p: Tell us a little bit about Memphis, and why you love/hate it.

m: I absolutely love Memphis, and it will always be home to me. Hanging out by the Mississippi river was almost a weekly tradition for me when the weather was nice, and there are so many places to explore and shoot all over the city. And it’s deep musical history means tons of great bands were always making their ways through Memphis.

p: What are you studying at ASU? And will you use it when you “grow up”?

m: I’m a sophomore majoring in journalism with a focus in public relations and minoring in design. When I grow up, my dream is to work in the fashion industry. What I love so much about the industry is the ability to dabble in everything: photography, design, modeling, styling, marketing. I think that studying PR will give me the skills I need to communicate and be able to get into whatever sector of the industry I find myself in.

p: What is your creative process like?

m: I’ll usually come up with an idea at a random time like in the middle of class or driving to get coffee. The initial idea is quick and easy, but making the idea into a reality is definitely a longer process. I can be a bit of a perfectionist with visual things, so it takes a while to get my idea looking the way I want it to look.

p: We know your man is also an amazing photographer. Tell us about you two and creatively working together as a couple

m: The first time Devon and I met was for a photoshoot we set up through Instagram. So our relationship has pretty much revolved around photography from the very first day. Usually he’s the one taking most of the photos and I end up being the model, but I’ve definitely snagged some super cute photos of him over the last few months. We’re constantly pointing out potential shoot locations, and our favorite thing to do is wake up early, take some photos, and then grab breakfast. Perfect way to start the day.

p: Let’s get to the fun stuff. What is your favorite fashion item in your closet?

m: Ooh I’d have to say I’m pretty proud of my vintage Wrangler collection. I’ve got three incredible western button downs and a pair of pinstripe jeans that I’ll never get enough of. If you’re ever thrifting and come across some rad Wrangler, feel free to toss it my way!

p: What are the top 5 bands on your favorites list?

m: This is the hardest question of all time. There are so many bands that have been on my favorites list at some point, but here are a few that have stayed on for several years.

Real Estate
Elliott Smith
Kurt Vile
Sufjan Stevens
(I could go on forever here…)

p: What toppings do you get on your pizza?

m: The weird stuff. Artichoke hearts are my favorite pizza topping for sure.

p: Tea or Coffee?

m: Is “both” an option?? Ideally, I try to have both every day hehe. I go through phases of being addicted to coffee, but right now I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to matcha green tea. It’s healthy, so that’s okay right?

p: What is your morning routine?

m: Coffee/tea!! In the mornings, it’s just as important as showering and getting dressed. Gotta have it. My morning routine is pretty quick – I try to pick out my outfits before I go to sleep the night before, because if I leave it for morning I usually go for something comfy as opposed to cute.

p: What was the last text message you sent to your best friend?

m: Probably something along the lines of “Where are you?” or “Come here.” We don’t ever stay apart for long. We’ve got just a bit of separation anxiety.

p: CAT or DOG person?

m: Cat person 100%. And I’ll argue why cats are so much better to anyone who will listen.

Check out how Mallory styles her CURIIOS gear, below!

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There you have it. We told you she was a BABE. Watch for Mallory on our instagram, blog write ups, and events!



(All photos taken by Devon Eatherly. All rights reserved.)