We recently teamed up with #SmartBlondes and let’s just say they are the raddest twins you’ll ever meet. Blogger babes with an eye for fashion, love of cats, and all things unicorn related… a daily dose of the two blonde bombshells is the only way to live.

Styling. Parisa Zahedi / Photos. Blake Bonillas / MakeUp. Paige Erfort


Welcome to our GIRL GANG! You’re officially part of the #curiiosbabe club. What is a #curiiosbabe to you?

#SmartBlondes: Ahh! We’re so excited to be official members of the #curiiosbabe club! To us a #curiiosbabe is a woman with passion that doesn’t let lines or stigmas or labels define her. She is her own person, making her own way and she’ll be damned if anyone tries to hold her down! #SmartBlondes is definitely a brand that fits in with the GIRL GANG, we’re all about empowering women, finding your own style and rocking you!

What is your favorite CURIIOS piece?

Leslie: I haven’t had a change to rock it yet, but I’ve seriously been in LUV with the Anastasia Silver Choker by Vanessa Mooney since the shop opened.

Lindsey: The night sky dress I wore at the promo shoot. It’s flirty, feminine and the pattern makes it a little bit edgy.

We were so humbled to have #SmartBlondes and your mom’s biz STyle2.0 as our presenting sponsors for the Spring Into Style Fashion show last weekend! Can you tell us a little bit about why you’re so awesome in your support of CURIIOS?

#SmartBlondes: CURIIOS is a brand with vision and a ton of feminine badassery. #SmartBlonges is all about supporting brands with a clear focus, drive, passion and fabulous products. That’s what makes CURIIOS so different from a number of brands. We have had the privilege of working with CURIIOS personally and the level of care and critique that goes into each shoot, shop transaction, collaboration with affiliated, friends and your vibe within the community is exemplary. It also helps that the Owner and Creative Director Parisa Zahedi is a badass human being with an amazing soul :)

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What the f*** is #SmartBlondes? Because we’re already obsessed and want to know more. Tell us EVERYTHING.

#SmartBlondes: We are all about the lifestyle. It’s for the dynamic woman, the powerhouse, the trendy fashionista on a budget, the drifter and every-day-girl with an extra pop of color. This blog is for the empowerment of you through fashion. Everything from risky fashion finds and creative photo-shoots inspired by a quirky though hat popped into one of our heads to outfit choices and styling ensembles for the average-yet totally trendy girl can be found here.

We feature up-and-coming brands along with the labels we swear by, tap into the local scene for savvy finds and mix & match to our hearts content! (You can also experience our larger than life personalities first hand)

As we have learned over the years, Arizona is home to a growing underground and trending fashion metropolis. It’s now the playground for two #StyleUnicorns with coffee, cats, blonde musings and hair-brained adventures all mixed together. Stay tuned for the launch of our YouTube channel #SmartBlondes!

#twinning! Tell us about the best and worth thing about being a twin.

Leslie: The best thing about being a twin is that we’re bonded for life, since we were wombmates! Lol. The best way to put it in words is that a piece of each of our souls lives within the other. The worst thing about being a twin is the constant tug of the “rubberband” stretching between us, because the harder we fight for individuality, the messier it is to unwind all of the relationships between us. Being a twin is a happy struggle.

Lindsey: The best thing about being a twin is the bond that we share! I would say the worst thing is probably sharing our clothes!

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What are the top 5 songs on repeat in your phone?

Leslie: 1) The Chainsmokers – Roses ft. ROZES (Derelikt Remix) 2) Machine Gun Kelly – Alpha Omega 3) Halsey – Castle 4) Fifth Harmony – Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla Sign 5) Sightlow – Gotta Make a Move ft. Jives

Lindsey: 1) Fifth Harmony – Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla Sign 2) Hello Kitty – Avril Lavigne 3) Freaking Out – Flo Rida ft. StayC Reign 4) Cold Sweats – Satica 5) All Night – Icona Pop

Cats or Dogs?

#SmartBlondes: CATS! We love all furbabies, however kitties have our hearts.

Monochrome or Color?

#SmartBlondes:We actually vibe with both monochrome and color. We like to take edgier pieces and pair them with fluffy colorful clutches or statement accessories! A lot of our decoration is monochrome though!

First thing you do when you wake up

#SmartBlondes: We both check our phones when we wake up. (terrible habit)

Last thing you do before you go to bed

#SmartBlondes: We’re both boring and check our phones before we go to bed too!

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We love us some #SmartBlondes!